Every year around Christmas time, deep in the dark night sky, there is a star that shines so bright that people stop and sigh. He spills his sparkles over mountaintops and peaceful lakes and trees, across dirt roads and silver railroad tracks to buildings in busy cities.

        Late at night children whisper their wishes to this familiar star. Sailing ships follow his glow across the ocean far.

But, there is a story you may not know about this powerful light, how he was feeling blue one year and wandered out of sight....

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The Stowaway Star 
The first in a series of stories that follows a traveling star around the world as he discovers 
more about his strengths, the strengths of others, and how they make the world a magical place!

About the author: 

Mary Judd  specializes in positive communications and special programs. A writer, educator and 
positive psychology consultant, her client list includes the VIA Institute on Character; MentorCoach; 
The HAPPY Movie; The Be An Artist program (SongwritingWith:Soldiers); New York State’s Department of 
Economic Development (I LOVE NY); Indian Assn. of Health, Research and Welfare; Discovery Retreats; 
several public and private schools, and more.  She has studied and worked with Positive Psychology
 researchers from around the world and served as a discussion facilitator in a United Nations meeting on 
Happiness & Well-being. Mary is currently coordinating multiple programs, including a three year Positive Schools research project. She writes for several publications including India’s PsyInsight magazine, 
which she helped launch, and Uganda’s Physique. She serves on the Editorial Board of the India Journal of Positive Psychology. Mary is especially proud of The Barn School an award-winning sustainable agriculture camp 
she co-founded for kids that raises funds for local farms and Heifer International®. 

About the illustrator:  

Thomas Vroman's career is nearly as colorful as his illustrations. From his service as an artist during WWII
with the Intelligence Division of the European Theatre Headquarters to his continuing success with 
Thomas Vroman Associates Marketing/Communications Design Firm, Mr. Vroman has received 
more than 150 graphic art awards, honors and numerous medals from national and 
international graphic art institutions. He has written and illustrated several works for children
 throughout his prolific career.  More
About Strengths

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